Our Story

We are a team of experienced tourism professionals with a passion for responsible travel and creating life changing travel experiences.

A trip created by storytellers, guided by you, is an authentic, one of a kind experience. Storytellers —dating back as far as Xuanzang, Marco Polo and Jeanne Baret– inspire the discovery of remote destinations, the understanding of cultures and the creation of memories that will last forever.

The Airguides story began in 2014 when founders Bibi Jellema and Paul Rowsthorn ventured into the deep jungles of Borneo. In search of Borneo’s famous Orangutang, they stumbled upon a creature even more rarely seen by tourists —
the legendary Sir David Attenborough.

In their own words: “We were face to face with our favourite storyteller when an idea came to mind. How can we follow in the footsteps of the people who inspire us to travel? What if storytellers could plan your trip, and you could discover destinations through their eyes?”

An idea inspired by one of the world’s greatest storytellers gave birth to the Airguides story.

Our story was brought to life in 2017 when the Airguides platform launched. Today, we offer unique travel packages in Oceania. Trips created by storytellers, matched to your travel dreams. To help you go on incredible adventures.

Meet The Founders

Paul Rowsthorn
An adventure-hungry Australian, Paul is dedicated to turn travel dreams into reality and grow a community of the most inspiring travel storytellers on the planet. His most remarkable adventure took place on a five-month motorbike trip across Southeast Asia. He may say visiting Cambodia was the ultimate highlight, but really it was meeting his cofounder, Bibi — when Aussie met Dutch. Paul fundamentally believes in the power of travel as a force for good and is the visionary behind our unique model. He wanted to create a platform to benefit all — travellers, storytellers, operators, and local communities.
Bibi Jellema
New places and cultures have fascinated Bibi from a young age. Helping others to discover lesser-known destinations, and giving back to local communities, is what sparked the passion for Airguides. Bibi hails from the Netherlands and moved to Australia in 2014. She also lived in Italy, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand. With a background in international development, operations and partnerships, and a true love for adventure travel and responsible tourism, Bibi leads Airguides and is committed to our growth as a purpose-driven company.

The Airguides Concept

Access to the lesser known
We believe there is no greater adventure than the one that is lesser known. With the expert knowledge of our storytellers, we create trips to less travelled destinations just waiting to be explored.
Luxury meets adventure
We combine luxury accommodation with one of a kind experiences by partnering with local operators who have exclusive access to the wildest of stays. Discover destinations and natural environments all from within the comfort of your desired level of luxury.
Trusted storytellers
What if it was possible to follow in the footsteps of trusted photographers, filmmakers and chefs? We believe that a trip created by storytellers, guided by you, is an authentic, one of a kind experience. That’s why our trip packages are created by storytellers and personalised to match your travel dreams.
Responsible travel
Responsible travel is at the core of our story and reflects in everything we do. Our storytellers and tourism partners share these values. The Airguides team is always searching for ways to scale our impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Be adventurous.
Think global, act local.
Passion for our people — travellers, storytellers and partners.
With integrity and honesty.
Realise trips of a lifetime.
Have fun along the way.