Jordan Robins

Jordan Robins

Based in Jervis Bay, Australia, Jordan is a self-taught ocean wildlife and ocean art photographer who has won international acclaim for his work.

Jordan Robins
Jordan Robins is a true adventurer of the ocean, an international award-winning photographer specialising in capturing the wild beauty of ocean wildlife and ocean art. Based in the stunning coastal region of Jervis Bay, Australia, Jordan's life has been shaped by the sea, and he is happiest when he's out on the waves, exploring the depths below. Growing up near the ocean, he spent endless days surfing, diving, and fishing, developing an insatiable hunger for adventure that led him to explore some of the most remote and exotic corners of the world. With his camera always by his side, he has swum with sharks, photographed giant manta rays, and even captured the incredible bioluminescence of the ocean at night. Jordan's photographs are more than just stunning images; they are a testament to his unwavering passion for the ocean and the creatures that call it home, and a celebration of the untamed beauty of our planet's wildest places.
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Jordan Robins
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Jordan Robins
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