Krystle Wright

Krystle Wright

Krystle is an adventure photographer, cinematographer, and director from Australia on a quest to capture and present unique moments from extreme sports, expeditions, and adventures across the globe.

Krystle Wright
Krystle Wright is an intrepid adventurer, photographer, cinematographer, and director hailing from Australia. With a thirst for unique experiences, she leads a semi-nomadic lifestyle, traveling to the far reaches of the globe to capture and present the most daring and breathtaking moments in extreme sports, expeditions, and adventure. Her portfolio is a stunning testament to her unparalleled eye for detail and her unwavering dedication to documenting the beauty and excitement of the natural world. It's no wonder that National Geographic has recognized Krystle as one of the leading female adventure photographers, lauding her for pushing the limits and breaking new ground in the industry. Whether she's soaring through the skies, diving beneath the waves, or scaling towering peaks, Krystle's passion for adventure and her commitment to excellence shine through in every frame.
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Krystle Wright
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Krystle Wright
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