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Honest advice from the traveler who has found the most adventurous things to do with the shortcuts on how to find them, where to book for the best prices and how to make your backpacking adventure run smoothly. Take my advice for 4 weeks of epic adventures in the Philippines on a trip you will never forget!

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I am a graduate journalist who began a travel blog while in my last semester of college. I have turned it into one of the biggest travel blogs in the world and have been budget backpacking for more than 2 years now to over 25 countries


Take my advice for 4 weeks of epic adventures in the Philippines on a trip you will never forget.


  • Island hopping around El Nido
  • Cliff jumping Twin Waterfalls
  • Chocolate Hills
  • Sunset kayaking
  • Whale shark diving

Stop 1: Alegria

Alegria is the perfect base to start your adventures. In this region are several key tourist attractions and epic adventures. The most well known attraction in this area and one of the must-see spots in the Philippines is Kawasan Falls. Alegria is also close to Mainit Hot Springs and is a good jump-off spot for the sunrise trek up Osmena Peak.

Stop 2: Oslob

Oslob has long been known as the whale-shark capital of the Philippines. It processes the most tourist swims with whale sharks in the entire country. However, because the procedure at Oslob involves feeding the whale sharks and can be intrusive to their environment it is no longer encouraged. Having said that, there is still a reason to travel to Oslob.
Sumilon island is a short boat trip away and it is also a good base for your transfer to Bohol, the local way. There are also several waterfalls in the area if you do stay more than one day in Oslob.

Stop 3: Bohol

Bohol is an amazing little island with so many draw-cards. The biggest drawcard is the world-famous Chocolate Hills. However, other attractions are the epic waterfalls of Bohol. The island is also home to a unique animal, the incredibly tiny and cute Tarsier. A man-made tree tunnel, island hopping, scuba dive scene and reggae beach bars make Bohol an action-packed part of your Philippines trip!

Stop 4: El Nido

El Nido is one of the most amazing spots in the world. The island hopping in El Nido is some of the best I have ever done in the world. It is getting a little crowded these days but it is still beautiful and well worth the visit.

Stop 5: Coron

Coron is as epic as El Nido. The cliffs, lagoons, islands and beaches are out of this world. You will find it hard to enjoy another beach again after your time in Coron!

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