Why pick this guide?

This trip is for young (in body or spirit) travelers who appreciate natural beauty, sunny beaches, and a healthy dose of partying. Ao Nang, Railay, and Phi Phi offer lush jungle hikes, post-card quality beaches, and nights out you probably won’t remember – the perfect Thailand trifecta. This trip is ideal for those balling on a budget and for people interested in meeting other travelers along the way. Perfect for small groups of friends or solo travelers.

Meet Nicola

I’m Nicola! I’m a science teacher who went rogue and became a full-time traveler, online English teacher, and blogger. In summer 2017, I landed an online teaching gig that allowed me to travel anywhere in the world. I packed up my classroom and decided to take my life abroad.

Since I started traveling full-time, I’ve explored Christmas markets in Belgium and France, snorkeled with manta rays in the Komodo Islands, hiked the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, and eaten an ungodly amount of mango sticky rice in Asia.

When I’m not on a longtail boat in the Andaman sea, you can find me wandering around city center (probably lost and definitely with a pastry), befriending lizards in the park, or writing travel guides in a coffee shop while working on my ninth coffee of the day.


This trip is the perfect balance of everything Thailand does best. Spend time ogling at the power of nature, eat the most authentic (and surprisingly cheap) food you can find in Thailand, party harder than you did on your 18th birthday, and recover on a beach that puts your favorite Instagram filter to shame. Life, you’ll learn in southern Thailand, is all about balance. Balance with a side of mango sticky rice.


  • Go Rock Climbing on the limestone cliffs of Railay Beach
  • Kayak through a secret lagoon that’s only known by locals in Ao Nang
  • Snorkel through colorful reefs in the Andaman Sea
  • Take a booze cruise around the Phi Phi Islands with an open bar and dozens of new friends
  • Enjoy sweeping sea views (aka grab the perfect Instagram pic) at the Phi Phi Island Lookout

Stop 1: Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang has a sleepy beach town vibe without being boring. It’s close to everything and a convenient launching off point for adventures all around Krabi. Because it’s on the mainland, the cost of living is less expensive than on the islands, making it a perfect home base while you explore the islands, beaches, and jungle temples nearby.

Stop 2: Railay Beach

I had an idea of what a classic Thai beach looks like in my head. The water is a clear turquoise, the sand is white and powdery, and in the distance, there are huge limestone cliffs jutting out along the horizon. Long tail boats cut through the gentle waves and I’m probably sleeping in the shade of a palm tree with a coconut in hand. Guys, this place exists. It’s called Railay Beach. Railay is the smallest of the three stops on this trip but what it lacks in nightlife it makes up for in relaxing beach perfection.

Stop 3: Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is that dreamy combination of jungle and calm, sandy beaches. It has such an “ideal beach look” about it that they actually filmed the movie “ The Beach” here. Ko Phi Phi has a reputation for more than its natural beauty. It’s a party destination with beachfront nightlife that lasts long into the morning. Ko Phi Phi is a great chance to let your drunk alter ego – you know, the one who thinks Smirnoff Ice is a good idea – step in for a few days.

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