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More and more tourists are visiting Amsterdam but just a few make it to the other Dutch cities like Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague. In those cities you will experience the real Dutch culture, Hurry up before people find out about Utrecht, this lively and cozy town, which has a stunningly beautiful city center or Rotterdam which scores points being to different than all the other Dutch cities.

Meet Tanja

Hi, I’m Tanja. I grew in the Swiss alps surrounded by mountains, it was a beautiful place to live but I always wondered what could be out there in the world. There must be so much more than what I experience. So when I was 16 years old I packed my bags for my first solo adventure in the French part of Switzerland, soon after I went to Vancouver for two months to learn English and after my high school graduation I said “Bye Bye Switzerland” and I moved to Mallorca, Spain for three weeks to work as a kids entertainer. The years passed and I was travelling all over Europe and Asia. After my bachelors degree in journalism and communication I thought time was right for a change. So I moved to Utrecht, the Netherlands. Since almost two years I am living there and I am still happy. However, the travelling bug is still in me, so occasionally I take some pretty cool trips all around the world, when I have time and money. I hope to inspire you with this travel guide and wish you an amazing time in my country of choice!


Enjoy the wonderful canals of Amsterdam, climb the mysterious and highest church tower of the Netherlands and experience an awesome you all over the city, get surprised by Rotterdams modern architecture and have a fun day out at Scheveningen beach.


  • The famous Brouwerij
  • North Amsterdam
  • Climb Dom Tower in Utrecht
  • Kayak through Utrecht canals
  • Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam
  • Scheveningen Beach

Stop 1: Amsterdam

You shouldn’t miss out on Amsterdam’s grachten belt, the cozy little cafés, narrow streets and crooked houses. Little Amsterdam is laid back, super cozy and on every street corner there is some history to explore. And even though you might get run over by the tourist crowds, Amsterdam is definitely a must-see on your trip to the lovely Netherlands.

Stop 2: Utrecht

Utrecht is a cozy and lively student town with a wonderful medieval city center. Cute little shops and cafés are waiting for you along the pretty canals where the Romans used to trade their goods. Find yourself sitting with a drink in the sun in one of the many terrasses, climb up the highest church tower in the Netherlands or explore the stunning nature around Utrecht by kajaking along the many canals. You will be in love with this city – promise!

Stop 3: Rotterdam

Rotterdam is such a contrast to the typical Dutch cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht. It was bombed in the Second World war by the German Nazis and needed to be built up almost by scratch. Therefore the city reinvented itself and created a massive skyline next to their huge port. Architectural masterpieces like the huge market hall or the cube houses are just a few highlights of this underrated city.

Stop 4: The Hague

The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands and the country’s political centre. Next to a cozy and little city center it is the perfect location for a day trip to the lovely Dutch seaside. Enjoy the light sea breeze and if you have enough from the coast, you should check out some museums and dive into the Dutch history.

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