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Airguides Welcomes Tony Carne as New Chief Operating Officer

We are thrilled to welcome Tony Carne to Airguides as our new COO.

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After a recent funding round on crowd-sourced funding (CSF) platform Birchal, Airguides is pleased to welcome Tony Carne as our new Chief Operating Officer.

Our first step with the funds received was to bring in some very highly credentialed expertise in the creation of sustainable travel experiences, so we are immensely excited that Tony has joined our team. Tony cut his teeth at sustainable travel pioneer, Intrepid Travel. He was initially a tour guide, then set up operations for Intrepid across the Middle East from Morocco to Iran before launching and running Intrepid’s Urban Adventures business for 10 years. 

At Intrepid, Tony was employee of the year in 2018 and inducted into their Hall of Fame, one of only 10 across over 30 years in business. Tony has a passion for creating travel that creates a positive impact for all stakeholders but especially the communities and ecologies of the places being visited. Tony also writes for the number one online travel industry news and research site, Skift.

Tony has worked with some of the best sustainable operators around the world, giving Airguides immediate access to those resources. As we are lifting our eyes beyond just Australia and New Zealand as places where Storytellers can communicate their skills and knowledge to travellers and opening up the whole world, we’re now well positioned to take Airguides to the next level. 

Tony has been a part of the tourism industry for some time, said co-founder Bibi Jellema. “I’ve long respected Tony as a great industry leader and sustainable travel champion. I’m beyond confident that Tony will be a tremendous asset to the team and I am looking forward to the possibilities and innovations that he will bring to Airguides."

“Two things really captivated me about Airguides,” Tony said. “Firstly was the commitment to sustainability, and the second was the level of ambition Bibi and Paul had to connect the world with great Storytellers to tell these sustainable stories. I took a while in returning to the travel industry because I wanted to find something that felt just right, and Airguides certainly feels like a perfect fit. I can't wait to connect destinations and storytellers and create products with local operators that are true once-in-a-lifetime experiences for travellers.”


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