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Airguides helps you craft a guide so others can do your trip. A surf guide, camping adventure or local food tour? All we need are your personal recommendations and awesome photos


Your trip will be displayed on Airguides and available to download. Every time your guide gets downloaded, you earn. You can create as many guides as you want.


Let's turn your guide into a success. Find out who follows your guide, answer questions and connect with travellers to grow your followers and increase your sales.

A trip creator is…

Somebody who is mad about travel, who always wants to discover new destinations and who loves to pass on travel recommendations. Our trip creators are a mix of travel photographers, writers, bloggers and locals who respect local cultures and the environment. Do your friends always know how to find you for travel tips? Do you like writing and photography? Have you recently done an amazing trip? Then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch via the link below and join our community of trip creators. We’re excited to offer you a platform to share your trip with the world.

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Use your insider knowledge and personal travel style to help others find their way, anywhere in the world. Get exposure to a global community of travellers and grow your followers.

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