Our story

Who ignites that fire in you to pack your bags and set out on an adventure? Is it a culinary genius whipping up exotic dishes, a master photographer capturing stunning landscapes, or a fearless explorer plumbing the depths of the ocean? Well, for us, it's one of the world's greatest natural historians. And when we had the privilege of encountering our favourite storyteller "in the wild" in Borneo, we realised that anything was possible.

This special encounter sparked the creation of Airguides. We exist to create unparalleled travel experiences with the most inspiring people on the planet. Our journeys take you on purposeful adventures that are far from the beaten path, curated by experts who will bring the world to life for you.

We also believe in the power of travel as a force of good. That's why our experiences are designed to make a positive impact on our people AND on the people and places we visit.

Learn more about our story below, and let's start turning your dream adventure into an epic reality!

Travel deeper, with purpose.

Bibi & Paul
Founders of Airguides

"An idea inspired by one of the world’s greatest storytellers gave birth to the Airguides story."

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Who ignites that fire in you to set out on an adventure? At Airguides, we scour the globe in search of the most inspiring people to create unparalleled travel experiences with.
Leave the stress of travel planning to us! Whether you crave a self-guided holiday or the guidance of a seasoned adventurer, we turn your dream adventure into an epic reality.

We believe that travel can change lives and change the world. We exist to empower travellers to explore the world and positively impact the people and places they visit.