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what is airguides?

Well, we can tell you. But visual storytelling is kind of our thing, so let us show you...

Watch the video below to find out how it all began.

"An idea inspired by one of the world’s greatest storytellers gave birth to the Airguides story."

Airguides is an experiential travel company bringing intrepid experiences, storytellers and adventure-seekers together in one platform.

Storytellers have inspired people to travel since Marco Polo first wrote tales of the Silk Road… I am sure you can think of somebody who inspires you to travel - maybe it’s your favourite chef, a National Geographic photographer or in our case, it’s Sir David Attenborough.

So, you can imagine our surprise when we ventured deep into the jungle on a photography tour with a local guide, in search of Borneo’s famous Orangutan, only to stumble upon a creature even more rarely sighted by tourists- the legendary Sir David Attenborough himself. 

Suddenly, the impossible felt within reach.

Airguides was born with a singular mission: to deliver the most adventurous, sustainable and otherwise inaccessible travel experiences to anyone in the world. To let every person see the world through David Attenborough’s eyes, with luxury and ease.

In June 2019 we launched our first partnerships with trusted photographers, filmmakers and adventurers ( our “storytellers”) to design unique travel packages that not only remove accessibility barriers but allow travellers and brands to document and promote their experiences in unforgettable ways. We launched packages in New Zealand then Australia.

Then the pandemic hit. 

But we persisted with our dream. And we survived.

Today, Airguides is a first-mover ‘trips-on-demand’ platform delivering a unique blend of luxury, adventure and ease for a new generation of travellers, primarily in Oceania’s lesser-known locations and more popular travel destinations.

Stay adventurous! 

Paul & Bibi

why travel with us?

The airguides difference

We search the world for the best storytellers to design truly unique experiences with photographers, filmmakers and adventurers.
Local operators
Working with local tourism operators is very important to Airguides. We handpick all experiences so you can trust they will be amazing.
We personalise each trip to match your wildest travel dreams and help you experience destinations in the most authentic way.
Sustainable travel
Sustainable travel is part of our core mission at Airguides and reflects in everything we do.
The Airguides service
Sit back and relax, our team is here for you to make sure you experience a dream holiday (pre-, during and post-trip).
Your digital travel itinerary will help you discover destinations with tips from our storytellers and has all the info you need.