A Turtle Spectacle on Lady Elliot Island

To say we're a little excited about running these trips is an understatement! It has taken us 18 months to secure availability at Lady Elliot Island and it is all happening in March 2023. These trips will be released to the public later this week, but you have the opportunity to secure a spot first…

At the end of the nesting season thousands of baby turtles push through their sand nest on their way to the sea. Ever wanted to experience this wonder of nature?

Located within a highly protected ‘Green Zone’, Lady Elliot Island is a wildlife paradise and regarded as one of the best snorkelling destinations on the Great Barrier Reef. Join our upcoming adventures to Lady Elliot Island with Master Reef guide Jacinta Shackleton or photographer Mark Fitz.

Two exclusive departures only—reserve your spot today!

Turtle Hatching Research Adventure with Jacinta Shackleton

Join our special adventure to Lady Elliot Island with Master Reef guide and marine biologist, Jacinta Shackleton. Go on daily snorkel expeditions with Jacinta to see the island's incredible manta ray population, turtles and unspoilt coral reef, watch baby turtles hatch and make the mad dash to the ocean for the first time, and stay at the award-winning Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort for a genuine eco-tourism experience.

This trip is for you if you like:

  • Marine science & conservation
  • Ocean wildlife
  • Underwater photography

Dates: Monday, 6 - Friday, 10 March 2023

Travel with Jacinta.

Turtle Hatching Photography Adventure with Mark Fitz

Award-winning photographer Mark Fitz invites you on an unforgettable adventure to Lady Elliot Island to witness the magical turtle hatching season and learn photography skills from him. Swim with turtles by day, witness the magical turtle hatching season at night, and learn incredible Underwater Photography skills from Mark, while you're surrounded by the crystal clear blue waters of Lady Elliot Island. You will stay at the world-famous Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, one of Australia's finest examples of an eco-tourism resort.

This trip is for you if you like:

  • Baby turtles!
  • Everything photography; Mark will guide you & help you take better photos (including editing)
  • Tropical islands & snorkelling

Dates: Tuesday, 14 - Friday, 17 March 2023

Travel with Mark

Any questions about these trips? Shoot us a message or call us: 1300 590 838