Unearthing Australia’s National Treasure: Kalbarri National Park

Unearthing Australia’s National Treasure: Kalbarri National Park

Stepping foot on the rustic flavours of Kalbarri National Park’s Skywalk, one looks out at the Murchison Gorge. Looking forward, the rich colours of Australia’s landscape are reflected in the Murchison River as it spectacularly weaves through 80 kilometres of gorge. Naturally crafted rock formations of red and white banded sandstone encapsulate how truly Australian the Kalbarri National Park is. Wherever you look there will be something new to feast your eyes on, that’s the beauty of a 360-degree view.

Introducing the Kalbarri National Park located on Australia’s Coral Coast in Western Australia. Home to some of Australia’s most awe-inspiring scenery, the Kalbarri National Park has welcomed a new arrival this year- The Kalbarri Skywalk.

A highly anticipated new feature of the Inyaka Wookai Watju Site (the West Loop), the Twin Skywalk, sits 100m above the Murchison River and extends out 25ms towards the Gorge. From Nature’s Window to the famous Loop walking trail and everything in between- there is simply no denying it, Kalbarri National Park is a must if visiting Australia’s Coral Coast.

Kalbarri Skywalk

Photograph by Tourism Australia

We’ve fine-tuned all the information you need to know before venturing West on an epic, unforgettable road trip, concluding at the Kalbarri National Park. Don’t worry it’s adventure-packed, 100% affordable and appropriate for all ages – The West Coast has you covered.

Where is Kalbarri National Park?

Kalbarri National Park is located off the Kalbarri coastline. Worthy of a days exploration, Kalbarri is a charming seaside town that sits halfway on Australia’s Coral Coast. There is plenty to do from swimming in the beach, to watching the Indian Ocean crash against the coast to checking out the back beach’s awesome rock pools. Kalbarri caters for all.

Kalbarri Coast

Photograph by Tourism Australia

How To Get There

Kalbarri is the ultimate stop on your epic West Coast road trip between Perth and Australia’s Coral Coast. You’ll travel along one of the most scenic routes Australia has to offer, the Indian Ocean Drive (Route 60) as you experience first hand the diverse Australian landscape.

Located 6-7hrs outside of Perth, Kalbarri is the perfect next stop after exploring Cervantes and the Pinnacles. Navigating your way through coastal towns, we recommend making a stop at Jurien Bay. That place will have you feeling all sorts of accomplished as you dive into one of WA’s best fishing towns to eat some good Aussie tucker.

Jurien Bay

Photograph by Australia’s Coral Coast

The last leg of your journey passes through the coastal city, Geraldton and towards Port Gregory. A certified one of a kind experience, we recommend stopping at Port Gregory to witness the Pink Lake.

Holding true to its name, you can drive through the lake on a carved out road and take in all pinkness right from the driver’s seat.

575km and plenty of experiences later, you’ve made it to Kalbarri! For specific directions on how to enter the National Park click here.

Pink Lake

Photograph by Sean Scott

What You Will Need

A backpack full of spirit, an appetite for discovery and drinking water- there’s no freshwater in Kalbarri National Park.

As mentioned, our friends in WA have made it easy to visit with an entry cost of $15 per vehicle (carrying up to 12 passengers) for inland gorge sites. Otherwise, all coastal sites of Kalbarri National Park are completely free of charge-bargain!

‘The land is the mother and we are of the land; we do not own the land rather the land owns us. The land is our food, our culture, our spirit and our identity’

–Dennis Foley

Kalbarri National Park

Promising access to the lesser-known and experiences one can only dream of, Kalbarri National Park is an absolute traveller’s dream. Below are a few spots we recommend checking out during your visit. Boasting inland gorge sites and coastal sites, there are plenty of opportunities to give your camera a good workout and learn more about what makes Kalbarri National Park so Australian.

The Loop

The Loop is a challenging 8km walk and not for the faint-hearted. It begins at Nature’s Window and follows the Gorge’s perimeter, offering a new perspective at each turn as you take in the breadth of the Murchison River.

The Loop- Inland Gorge Site

Photograph by Tourism Western Australia

Nature’s Window- Inland Gorge Site

Photograph by Tourism Western Australia

Nature’s Window

Nature’s Window is the emblem of natural attractions at Kalbarri National Park. An easy 500m walk from the carpark, you’ll find Nature’s Window and as recommended by Airguides Storyteller, Sean Scott, take your time to soak in the beauty of this famous gorge site and snap a shot while you’re at it!

Z-Bend River Trail- Inland Gorge Site

Photograph by Tourism Western Australia

Z-Bend River Trail

Accessible from the Z-Bend lookout path, the Z-Bend River Trail provides an entrance to the Murchison River. If you don’t mind some rock-climbing and steep descents, this trail is for you! No doubt you’ll be blown away by the spectacle of the Australian Landscape.

Red Bluff From Below- Coastal Site

Photograph by Tourism Western Australia

Red Bluff

The highest-elevation point of Kalbarri National Park, Red Bluff stands 100m above the ocean, producing some of the most spectacular scenery of the Indian Ocean and red rock formations below. Red Bluff is also the best spot to go whale watching as the humpback whales make their yearly migration along the Kalbarri coastline.

Jacques Point- Coastal Site

Photograph by Sean Scott

Jacques Point

A popular spot for surfers to flaunt their talent, Jacques Point has the ideal left-hand surf break for experienced and advanced surfers alike. Join in on the action or watch on from the water’s edge as the surfers carve it up! You may even be lucky enough to see some familiar faces frolicking in the water- Bottlenose Dolphins.

Kalbarri’s Cultural Significance

Kalbarri is the land of the Nanda Aboriginals, known as the saltwater people. There are 209 Aboriginal heritage sites located in Kalbarri, which preserve and celebrate the rich history and culture of the Nanda community.

The Nanda people believe Kalbarri was sculptured by the spiritual Dreamtime being, Beemarra the serpent. The story offers a vibrant insight into the culture of the world’s oldest living culture, the Aboriginal people and you can learn more about the story here.